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Helping industries and businesses communicate, the easy way. Engage audiences, accelerate sales and provide a better customer experience on any platform.

SMURPS Comms Features

Allow Internal Organizational Conversations to Flow

Optimise your business with real time chat, voice and video for business communications.

Drive Employee Engagements

Powerful communications tool with both a mobile and desktop app that allows employees to easily and conveniently engage with each other, boosting productivity and collaboration.

Integrates Across Your Ecosystem

Our communications tool is designed to form an integral part of every customer’s Ecosystem. It connects seamlessly across multiple platforms including SMURFS, Whatsapp, and Telegram providing a unified way to receive and send notifications both internally and externally. This revolutionary technology provides a reliable and secure solution for communication needs both large and small.

Manage and Extend External Conversations

Start one-to-one chats, group chats across departments or projects, and more with ease, simplicity and reliability to better communicate within your organization as well as with your clients.

Conversations with external parties via single accounts

Provide a common identity to your customers through Whatsapp and Telegram messaging services. Give your team a single workspace that’s designed for ease, productivity, and collaboration.

The Bots At Work

Internal Group Communications

Improve team communication within an organization through our cutting-edge communications tool that facilitates streamlined conversations, file attachment sharing, and department or project collaboration. Get connected and stay organized with ease!

Communications with Whatsapp Groups

Say hello to easy communication! Our revolutionary communications tool allows businesses to stay connected with customers and suppliers through popular messaging services such as Whatsapp and Telegram. Connect quickly and efficiently across multiple platforms to get the most out of your digital communication experience.

Messages sent to whatsapp as well

Messages may be bridged via Whatsapp through your dedicated business mobile number. Provide your customers and suppliers a common number to identify your business.

Mobile app version of the same thread

Stay connected and in touch no matter where you are with a companion mobile app which allows your users to conveniently access our communications tool on the go, so they’ll never miss out on important conversations or updates.

Mobile App

Stay on top of your project progress, collaborations with various departments, and conversations among groups quickly and easily.

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