Enjoy these benefits when you use SMURPS Inventory Management module.

Inventory Management System, Inventory Management
Better Control

Track stock movement in real-time across all channels and ensure that you’ve got the right amount of products in the right place at the right time.

Inventory Management System, Inventory Management
Optimized Inventory

Reduce excess stock or prevent stock-outs. Depend on advanced material planning and reporting tools to help you with stock replenishment and order fulfilment.

Inventory Management System, Inventory Management
Accounting Integration

Integrating stock transactions with the back-end Chart of Accounts increases automation in the business and provides better analysis on your inventory.

Inventory Setup

Warehouse Structure

Build your own warehouse tree structure from general storage areas to bin coordinates.

Item Management

Keep a record of all your sales items as well as your raw materials and consumables. Group items by their product types for reporting analysis. Maintain item prices in different units of measure.

Serial Number and Batch Management

Serialize or batch your items with warranty and expiry date tracking. Trace the item’s history when the items are returned defective.


Generate item barcodes with variable data.

Item Variants

Set up item attributes like sizes and colours, and create variants of a particular product using these attributes.

Inventory Management System, Inventory Management

Stock Movement

Stock Transactions

Record any stock movement between different storage locations or warehouse, goods receipt or goods issue. Item movements include material consumption for manufacturing and scrapping of damaged or expired goods.

Logistics Execution

Generate Delivery Notes for your transporter and track the date and details of an item installation at the customer’s site.

Physical Inventory Count

Record physical inventory count and update your stock balance using the Stock Reconciliation Tool.

Inventory Management System, Inventory Management

Inventory Control

Automatic Re-Ordering

This reordering function helps you avoid item shortages by generating Material Requests automatically when an item reaches its replenishment point. Receive email notifications when a request is raised.

Quality Inspection

Perform quality checks and testing for purchased, manufactured and to be delivered items with in-built inspection templates and procedures.

Stock Analytics

Get up-to-date information on your stock with advanced inventory reports and dashboards. Know more about your stock performance, keep track of your stock ageing, and optimize inventory management strategies through customized reporting tools.

Inventory Management System, Inventory Management