Our Story

SMURPS was created in 2015 by Javier Wong and Ong Wee Nee. Their journey started when they first met as colleagues in Accenture in 2009. They came together to solve the SME’s most challenging problems in business operations – creating a user friendly, customizable, cost efficient and easily deployable system for a market that was often outpriced and overlooked. With their combined expertise in tech infrastructure and SAP ERP implementation, the dynamic duo pursued their passion and quit their cushy jobs to make a difference in the industry. Today, SMURPS is being used in many different industries which include manufacturing, retail, trading and wholesale distribution, services, fishing, and food and beverages.

Core Values

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Our People

We value our people as we believe that we are at our best when our people are at theirs.

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Team Power

Within our company, we harness team spirit. With our clients, we build alliances. “Team Power” represents the success built on these partnerships. When we grow, our clients grow.

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Integrity and Respect

We practice client confidentiality, integrity and respect for individuals throughout our professional practices to promote a culture of trust and responsibility.

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Service Excellence

Professionalism to us is not merely a display to others, but a reflection of our quality in service. Striving for excellence is an important part of everything that we do. This attitude separates us from our competitors and helps us deliver the best to our clients.

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Innovation Through Diversity

We realize the importance of diversity in today’s globalized world. Individualism creates diverse capabilities and drives innovation in the work that we do.

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