Enjoy these benefits when you use SMURPS Finance & Accounting module.

Accounting Software Malaysia, Finance & Accounting
Seamless Operations

Complete suite of accounting functions that are driven by real-time events. Integrate your business seamlessly on one central repository.

Accounting Software Malaysia, Finance & Accounting
Make Wiser Decisions

Attractive tailor-made solutions with advanced reporting tools to help you make smarter financial decisions. Expose hidden trends and anomalies now!

Accounting Software Malaysia, Finance & Accounting
Go Global

Multi-currency, multi-lingual, multi-company. Localize your accounting processes to meet regulatory and compliance requirements in each country whilst applying consistent accounting practices with centralized policies.

Accounting Basics

Chart of Accounts

Form the overall tree-view structure of your General Ledger accounts listing and quantify the financial performance of your company in one glance.

Receivables & Payables

Process customer billing against open Sales Orders or Delivery Notes and keep tabs on payment collection. Personalize your Sales Invoice form. Manage current liabilities and payments due to vendors.

Journal Entry

Post all types of accounting entries using the Journal Entry – miscellaneous expenses, audit journal adjustments, bad debts or write-offs, and other difference entries.

Tax Management

Flexible tax application to suit your local business needs.

Assets Management

Maintain and categorize your fixed assets with depreciation charts and schedules.

Accounting Software Malaysia, Finance & Accounting

Financial Reporting and Analysis

Accounting Statements

Generate standard accounting reports. Consolidate your financial statements in multiple currencies for group accounting.

Bank Reconciliation

Match balances in bank accounting records to the corresponding information on a bank statement.

Cost Centre Accounting

Define the structure of your company’s cost accounting activities by maintaining a Chart of Cost Centres. Tag entries in Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss against a Cost Centre.

Financial Controlling

Analyze your gross profit and revenue by different product lines and customers. Easily convert reports to graphs or charts for management reporting.

Accounting Software Malaysia, Finance & Accounting

Finance Automation

Credit Management

Manage credit risks and customers’ demands by keeping track of overdue collection. Maintain a record of your company’s credit limit and credit days for each supplier to ensure that outstanding payables do not obstruct your buying needs.

Subscription Plan

Track and manage recurring billing by maintaining a subscription plan. Sales Invoices are automatically created on subscription expiry.

Deferred Revenue

Record prepayment from customers as Deferred Revenue liability. Journal Entries are automatically created monthly to credit the Income Account against the Deferred Revenue Account.

Accounting Software Malaysia, Finance & Accounting