Enjoy these benefits when you use SMURPS.

Remote Working System, Remote Working
Anytime, Anywhere

Access to information across all departments of your business with just a few clicks of your mouse. 24-Hour access to all your business’s information no matter where you are.

Remote Working System, Remote Working
Customized Access Restrictions

Limit employee access to specific modules and functions based on your organization’s requirements. Customize access times e.g. (Working Hours: 9:00AM to 6:00PM only) to SMURPS for each of your employees to prevent unintended access outside of office hours.

The Remotely Accessible Office

Work Remotely and Efficiently

Businesses need to be dynamic and be able to adapt to every situation. With SMURPS, we will provide the tools and support to ensure your business continues to function no matter the situation. Our cloud-based ERP system ensures employees can continue to carry out their duties no matter where they are!


We ensure that business continues to function seamlessly. From Sales, Procurement, Accounting, Inventory to Manufacturing, you no longer need to rely on team members to be present at the office to get work done. Easily view and create orders, manage inventory, generate financial statements and track production orders wherever you are.

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Remote Working System, Remote Working