Inventory Management for the Result-Oriented SME

Inventory Management System Malaysia, Inventory Management for the Result-Oriented SME

Small and medium enterprises (“SMEs”) face a number of operational challenges in their business. One of the most significant challenge centers on inventory management. Poor inventory management can not only lead to high inventory costs, but it can also lead to pricing errors, production errors, congested warehouse floors, and poor customer satisfaction.

Ultimately, the stakes are high. Because of this, SMEs should take a hard look at SMURPS. SMURPS is an enterprise resource solution that can make SME’s businesses more efficient—including better, more efficient inventory management. It allows SMEs to work on one unified platform, letting all employees throughout the organization be on the same page.

SMURPS is particularly helpful when managing your inventory. Through SMURPS, SMEs can easily track stock movement, ensuring that they have just enough inventory to serve their customers. SMEs can even create basic inventory reports that can track stock balance and stock ledgers in real-time. The potential applications are limitless.

This visibility into what is actually happening at the moment allows SMEs to optimize their inventory. For instance, SMEs of all shapes and sectors can use SMURPS to keep track of safety stock levels and auto-reorder stock. SMURPS lets SMEs take advantage of granular stock analytics so that they can obtain deeper insights to make better decisions. It can even help SMEs better handle their waste management and quality inspection activities.

Inventory Management System Malaysia, Inventory Management for the Result-Oriented SME

A case study is helpful here. Let’s say that you own an SME that is in the trading business. You receive merchandise orders from customers and ship those products all over the world. But having said that, you face a number of pain points in your day-to-day work. One of those pain points is the tracking of stock movement. It is a very manual and inefficient process, requiring an extensive investment of time from you and your team. Your customers are also extremely demanding. They expect quick answers and you are unable to quickly check your stock balance. Without providing swift (and accurate) answers, your customers will seriously consider working with one of your competitors.

Luckily, all of these pain points can be solved with SMURPS. SMURPS helps you and your team better manage your customers’ expectations. Because SMURPS allows you to gain a much granular look at your inventory, you can quickly provide updates about customer orders. For example, you can provide target delivery dates and times or even available quantities if customers want to place supplemental orders. With SMURPS, your trading business can better handle disputes, avoid shortages for fast-moving items, and avoid overstocking. To put it simply, SMURPS is a fantastic way for trading businesses to manage their inventory and better serve their customers.

Inventory Management System Malaysia, Inventory Management for the Result-Oriented SME

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SMURPS is the perfect tool for SMEs who are looking to get a better handle on their inventory. Whether you are unsatisfied with your inventory management system or don’t have one at all, we encourage you to check out SMURPS. In all likelihood, you will be extremely satisfied.

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